Hydra Pensio – The solution to EV charging contactless payment


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Hydra Pensio – The solution to EV charging contactless payment

Hydra chargepoints can benefit from contactless direct payment using a debit card, credit card or a virtual wallet payment method such as Apple Pay or Google Pay via their Hydra Pensio.

This turn-key solution will allow EV users the freedom to use either physical (card) or virtual (phone) payment, increasing your visitor base, which in turn offers more consistent revenue from your public charge points.

Maximise revenue from your chargepoints by allowing EV drivers to find and use them: Hydra chargepoints can be switched from private to public at the flick of a switch.

If your chargers are not in use outside of business hours or you simply want to charge your visitors for charging at your sites, all of this can be managed through the Hydra NEXUS online platform.

  • Increased revenue from your chargepoint network
  • Ease of use for the end user
  • No apps or registration required – just tap and charge!
  • Retrofit option for existing EV chargepoints
  • Contactless Payment Solution for EV Chargers
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • NFC Contactless
  • Chip & Pin
  • 3G/4G/Ethernet Communications
  • Transactions & Data Transmitted in Real Time
  • High-Resolution Touchscreen
  • Gorilla Glass – Protects Against Vandalism & Ensures Durability
  • Secure Communications with 24/7 Connectivity
  • Compatible with all Popular Contactless Providers including MiFare, Visa, qVSDC, MasterCard, SamsungPay, ApplePay & GooglePay
  • EMV L1 & L2 Certifications for Contact & Contactless Payments

The remote housing solution offers two main benefits:

  • One payment terminal can be configured to manage multiple chargepoints, cutting down costs
  • The payment terminal can be retro-fitted to work alongside almost all existing EV chargepoints, not just Hydra EVC units, and can be integrated within any existing network and back office management platform.*

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*The PENSIO Contactless Payment Solution does incur additional charges, such as transaction fees, in addition to the standard Hydra NEXUS monitoring and management fees. These charges cover commissioning and maintenance of your payment device and will be detailed in your service agreement.

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Ethernet, Ethernet + 4G

Integrated Card Payment Terminal




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