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Changing the norm. Charging the future.

Powered by durable components and intelligent software, EVBox’s charging stations are compatible with every electric vehicle, now and in the future.

We power people.

Designed by people, made for the planet. Meet our electric vehicle chargers.

Small. Smart. Full Of Power.

A flexible, scalable & future-proof solution for charging.

A smart EV charger with a difference.

Fast charge your vehicle with the original Eco Smart Charger.


Its Time To Charge Clever.

Unlock smarter, greener, and cheaper EV charging at home. All at once.

HydraThe Fast Charging Specialist

The future is here, the future is HYDRA EVC


Convenient. Connected. Protected.

For all your charging needs


EVBox BusinessLine

Hassle-free charging for workplaces and businesses.

Ratio EV

For all your charging needs.

EVBox Troniq

Fast charging for scalable networks

EO Mini Pro 3

Designed by people, made for the planet.

Easee Charge

Choose smart EV charging

EO Genius 2

EV charging for your business.

Easee Technical Downloads

EVBox Technical Downloads

EO Technical Downloads

Ratio EV Technical Downloads

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