Ohme ePod OHMEX1GB003-BL 7kW Smart Charger

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Discover the Ohme ePod, a cutting-edge 7kW smart EV charger leveraging the same advanced technology that earned the Ohme Home Pro its accolades.


Effortless Compatibility for Every Electric Vehicle

Engineered to work seamlessly with all plug-in electric vehicles, the Ohme ePod charger is fully compliant with the latest Smart Charge Point Regulations.


Tailored Charging Experience

Take command of your charging experience by setting personalized schedules and specifying your desired battery charge percentage, ensuring your vehicle is ready for your upcoming journeys.


Intuitive Control Options

Manage your ePod charger effortlessly through the user-friendly Ohme App or utilize the convenient buttons on the charger’s front panel. The Ohme App empowers you to schedule charges, establish maximum price limits, sync with your energy tariff for cost-effective charging, and supercharge your vehicle with the max boost setting.


Eco-Friendly and Budget-Conscious

The Ohme ePod seamlessly integrates with your energy tariff, enabling you to optimize charging times for cost savings. Set your preferred maximum price cap per kWh to maintain control over expenses.


Intelligent Tariff Integration

Pairing with the Intelligent Octopus Tariff, the Ohme ePod Charger orchestrates smart charging schedules, unlocking significant discounts during off-peak energy periods.


Always Connected with 4G Connectivity

Equipped with a multinet SIM card, the Ohme ePod stays connected, allowing you to receive real-time information through the Ohme App and benefit from hassle-free over-the-air firmware and software updates.

Key Features:

  • 7.4kW Smart EV Charger
  • Personalized Charging Schedules and Energy Tariff Integration
  • Maximum Price Cap Control per kWh
  • 4G Connectivity for App Usage and Free Software Updates
  • Type 2 Socket
  • IP54 Rated for Durability
  • Compact Dimensions (HxWxD): 230mm x 140mm x 100mm
  • 3-Year Warranty

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Installation Location


Single or Three Phase

Single Phase

Communication Option

Bluetooth and 4G

Socketed or Tethered

Socketed (Type 2)




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