Hydra Cubus 7.4kW Socketed EV Charger HC-7-SO-BLK

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The Hydra CUBUS HC-7-SO-BLK fulfils all the charging requirements you could ever need in a compact and modern design which neatly hides it powerful and future-proof specification.

  • Type B DC 6mA + 30mA AC leakage protector
  • Flexible startup modes: RFID card or keyfob, smartphone APP or plug and charge.
  • Dynamic load balancing management and Solar PV matching function.
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G SIM connectivity as standard
  • Save on electricity bills by scheduling off-peak or tarif based charging sessions.
  • Built in O-Pen protection ensures a quick installation with no extra cost for an earth rod.
  • Hierarchical maintenance design makes the maintenance and replacement much easier.
  • Compliant with OCPP 1.6 JSON and compatible with most of the EV charging management platforms.
  • Over current, over voltage and short circuit protection, etc. make charging much safer.
  • UKCA Certified

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Installation Location


Single or Three Phase

Single Phase

Communication Option

Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G

Socketed or Tethered

Socketed (Type 2)




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