Ratio EV io5 7.4kW/22kW EV Charger


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Ratio EV io5 7.4kW/22kW EV Charger

The Ratio io5 is connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi or an ethernet connection and controllable via the Ratio app. The app enables the user to set timings, and measure and report usage to take advantage of low-cost tariffs. The optional sensor box allows for dynamic load management, maximising power delivery. The io5 also integrates with solar panels, and four io5 chargers can be connected to the same supply and share the available power, future proofing the installation for additional devices in the future

io574SKT  – io5 7.4kW with a type 2 socket
io574T50S – io5 7.4kW with a 5m straight cable and type 2 plug
io574T75S – io5 7.4kW with a 7.5m straight cable and type 2 plug
io574T10S – io5 7.4kW with a 10m straight cable and type 2 plug
io574T50C – io5 7.4kW with a 4.5m coiled cable and type 2 plug
io522SKT – io5 22kW with a type 2 socket
io522T5S – io5 22kW with a 5m straight cable and type 2 plug

  • 7.4kw Single phase or 22kW Three phase
  • 6mA DC fault protection
  • Tethered or Socketed
  • Built-in energy meter (non-MID)
  • IP54
  • Easy installation: Smart housing design allows quick mounting and cable connections
  • LED charging indicator – Visible feedback on charging status supported by the Ratio EV charging app
  • Rugged design made to last – Housing made out of durable polycarbonate with high impact resistance, extra UV protection and flame retardant properties
  • Integrated cable hub – Straight and coiled cables can easily be wound around the charger without the need of an additional hub
  • Dynamic load management – Automatically optimise your power supply safely from your mains connection*
  • Ratio EV charging app – Provides full control and visibility over your charging sessions (Android and iOS)
  • Pen Fault detection: Eliminates the need for an earth electrode/rod

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Additional information


Ratio EV

Single or Three Phase

Single Phase, Three Phase

Communication Option

WiFi and Ethernet

Installation Location


Socketed or Tethered

Socketed (Type 2), Tethered

Cable Length

10m, 4.5m Coiled Cable, 5m, 7.5m, No Cable



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