Square D by Schneider Electric SE18B250 LoadCentre KQ 6 Way Type B TPN Distribution Board

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6 Way Type B Three Phase DB

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Square D by Schneider Electric SE18B250

Three Phase 6 Way Type B LoadCentre KQ Distribution Board

Key Features

  • LoadCentre KQ – Three Phase “B” Type Distribution Boards – 250A
  • Manufactured and tested to BS EN 61439-3
  • Maximum busbar rating 250A
  • Voltage Rating 400/415V AC
  • External IP3X protection to BS EN 60529
  • IP2XB finger safe with door and cover removed to BS EN 60529, provided by permanent, non-removable, factory fitted barriers
  • Fully shielded neutral bars
  • Earth and neutral bar cable capacity 25mm2
  • All incoming connections are the same length i.e. 4 pole configuration
  • Range of integral incomers for all applications including lugs, switches, RCCB’s and MCCB’s
  • Outgoing MCB’s available up to 63A B, C or D curves
  • 18mm wide RCBO available, minimising use of outgoing ways
  • Plug-On outgoers for speed of installation and guaranteed connection
  • All B boards accept DIN control products (timers, contactors) in any unused outgoing way without adaptation
  • Control wiring cable way integrated to moulding

The LoadCentre KQ II is an extensive range of easy to install MCB distribution boards. These products have additional extension enclosures for metering, remote switching and other control products which allow them to be configured in many ways.

  •     The central busbar assembly is fully insulated with non-removable barriers
  •     The unique plug-on features allows for the quick fitting of outgoing MCBs and RCBOs
  •     Control products may also be installed adjacent to the devices and wired through a central channel

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Square D by Schneider Electric


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