MK Electric Logic Plus K330WHI

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13A Switched Connection Unit, DP w/ Flex Outlet in Base & Thick Front Plate

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MK Electric Logic Plus K330WHI 13A Switched Connection Unit, DP w/ Flex Outlet  in Base & Thick Front Plate


Flush: 866ZIC


All units are fitted with a 13 amp fuse-link to BS 1362.

The fuse carrier can be locked in the open position by removing the fuse and using K2000 fuse carrier padlock.

Base entry frontplates are 12.5mm deep


86 x 86mm


BS 1363 Pt 4: 1995


Logic Plus™  wiring devices from MK Electric have been designed to perfectly complement modern interiors, offering an unobtrusive and sophisticated look totally in keeping with today’s design.
Technically, they exceed British Standard requirements with patented features that make these products the most advanced and safest available.

Logic Plus™ products are made from a high grade thermoset material which has an inherent antimicrobial property. In recent independent tests, the Logic Plus™  products were equal to, or exceeded, competitor ‘Anti-Bac’ products when tested for resistance to MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

The range is backed by MK’s quality and reliability and provides the largest selection of wiring devices in any single range.


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