Hager J501 Downlighter Junction Box

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Ashley J501 Low Profile Torpedo Shaped Downlighter Junction Box 16A

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Hager J501 Low Profile Torpedo Shaped Downlighter Junction Box 16A

The J501 is torpedo shaped to fit through a 58mm diameter hole in the ceiling. All the cables are securely clamped and they exit from either end of the junction box. This is in contrast to other junction boxes where the cables are generally not clamped and often exit at different angles making it hard to push or pull them through the hole without risking damage or loosening the connections.

Wiring is fast and simple. The J501 fits comfortably in the hand and the cables can be clamped for easier connection. Cabling space is maximised with all the terminals arranged on one side and the upper wall on the lid hinges through 360? for unrestricted access.

For wiring, the three plate terminal style in the box is logical and easy to use and separate terminals for flexible cords and twin and CPC cables help prevent damage to smaller flexible conductors.

During installation all the cables are securely clamped, so there is no strain placed on the terminal connections and no risk of exposed unsheathed conductors. The cable clamps can be reversed to allow either single or double cable entry, which allows up to four flat and one flexible cable to be terminated.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide application suitability
  • Compliance with latest regulations
  • The lid wraps around to fit snugly in the hand during termination and cabling
  • The lid wraps around on a hinge to snap shut prior to installation
  • The clamps secure cables in place
  • A three-plate terminal style is logical and easy to follow
  • Has rear holes for fixing to the wall if needed
  • The terminals are on one side to maximise cabling space
  • Cable clamps can be reversed for single or double cable entry
  • Cable clamps prevent strain on terminations & prevent exposed unsheathed conductors
  • The J501 easily fits into a standard 58mm cut out for a downlighter.

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