Greenwood Airvac Unity CV2GIP Continuously running bathroom or kitchen fan

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Greenwood Airvac Unity CV2GIP Continuously running bathroom or kitchen fan

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 Greenwood Airvac Unity CV2GIP Extractor.

Continuously running bathroom or kitchen fan.

Unity is a continuously running low energy extractor fan that revolves around one product for the bathroom (5 l/s) and the kitchen (8 l/s). Offering very low running noise, Unity CV2GIP is a Greenwood GIP product and includes SMART technologies for humidity and timer control as well as the easiest possible SMART pad set up.
Features and Benefits

Unity has been designed to please both social landlords and tenants alike – delivering low energy, quiet running, effective ventilation 365 days per year!

Five key facts you should know about Unity:

  • One continuously running fan -any room, all installations
    Unity is perfectly rounded to deliver a total solution in one box. For bathrooms, WCs or kitchens, in apartments or houses, for the wall or ceiling, you can be assured that Unity is designed to comply with regulations each and every time.
  • Preserving pennies & reducing maintenance
    Every single installed fan will need a level of maintenance during its lifetime; however Unity has been designed with a difference. It is filterless and its unique, backward curved, mixed flow impellor blades provide the best protection against any build-up of dirt.
  • Safety first
    With safety as a high priority, we are pleased that Unity has been certified as IPX5* rated in accordance with the International Protection ratings for the installation of electrical products in bathrooms.
  • Variable speed – gas safety

Unity has been designed with an innovative 100% adjustable airflow feature where ventilation can be tailored to each home at the point of installation. A crucial requirement where gas appliances are installed.

  • SMARTer ventilation

Unity is offered with no fewer than three SMART technologies, designed to provide savings for the occupant, the installer and the environment:

  • Greenwood HumidiSMART™ which uses ONLY man-made humidity to activate boost, removing nuisance running
  • Greenwood TimerSMART™ – in the bathroom for 5 minutes: overrun for 5 minutes – a logical approach that removes unnecessary heat loss and nuisance running
  • Greenwood CommissionSMART™ for installers on site – a new touch-pad which brings everything to your fingertips!

Unity CV2GIP is now available in an extra low voltage SELV model. This is ideal for bathroom installations and compliments the product offer into refurbishment, particularly social housing projects.

* IPX5 rated for walls, IPX4 rated for ceilings

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230v (Mains Voltage)



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