Eaton Memshield 3 NZMC2-A250-KCO

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250A 36kA 3-Pole NZM2 MCCB Incoming Device.

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Eaton Memshield 3 NZMC2-A250KCO. 250A 36kA 3-Pole NZM2 MCCB Incoming Device.


  • 36kA or 50kA options
  • Maximum cable capacity 185mm2
  • Adjustable trip. Thermal trip adjustment 0.8 to 1 x In, Magnetic trip adjustment 6 to 10 x In


A complete range of MCCB panelboards and pan assemblies providing all the options you need from a straightforward panelboard to a comprehensive panelboard system. The range now offers a variety of incoming devices and a greater choice of outgoing ways to provide more flexibility and choice to the user.


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