Dimplex PLXC300E 3.00kW Panel Heater – Lot 20 Compliant w/ 7 Day Timer

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Dimplex PLXC300E 3.00kW Panel Heater – Lot 20 Compliant w/ 7 Day Timer

The PLXC300E is a Lot 20 compliant, modern and efficient electric panel heater. Offering intuitive controls with multiple timers, natural white colour and high heat output, this heater will fit naturally into any room with a high heat demand.

  • Programmable room temperatures and heating time period
  • Multiple seven-day timer profiles
  • Electronic seven-day timer profiles
  • Electronic thermostat accurate to within 0.2°C
  • Energy-saving technologies such as Adaptive Start and Open Window Detection

The PLXE range is a great choice for homeowners looking for a modern and efficient electric panel heater. With its natural white colour, gentle curvature and louvered grille*, this heater will fit naturally into any room.

This panel heater features the CapSense controller, providing a more intuitive user experience with its backlit LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons.

Adaptive Start pre-heats the room ahead of a programmed heating schedule for only exactly the amount of time required to meet the desired target temperature at the desired time. For example, if the product was following a timer which was set to 21 degrees at 7am, with Adaptive Start the product will begin heating before 7am to achieve 21 degrees at 7am, without Adaptive Start the heater will only begin heating at 7am.

Open Window detection monitors the room temperature while the heater attempts to achieve a desired room temperature. If the room temperature does not change or decreases while heat is being emitted, the product will stop heating and enter a standby mode in order to not waste energy.

This panel heater is also splash-proof for use in bathrooms and complies with Lot 20 of ERP Directive.


*PLXC300E 3.00kW Model features a slotted grille


Building information management



Key Features
Heat source Electric
IP Rating IP24
Inlet/Outlet location Bottom, downward-facing / top, front-facing



Product Identification
EAN 5011139090751
Product model number PLXC300E



Depth (mm) 143
Height (mm) 430
Weight (kg) 8.7
Width (mm) 860



CE Yes



Additional Features
Cable Length (m) 1.3
Connection Three-core cable (Live, Neutral, Earth)
Digital timer Yes
Electric supply ~230/240
Suitable for which room/s Bedroom, Bathroom, Lounge, Dining Room, Hallway and Landing, Utility Room, Study, Conservatory etc
Thermostat Type Electronic Type
Timer type Digital
Delayed start Yes
Timer Integral 7-day time and temperature adjustment



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