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Schneider Electric A9D31806 Acti 9 6A 30mA “B” Type iC60H RCBO

Schneider Electric A9D11832 Acti 9 32A 30mA “C” Type iC60H RCBO - A9D11832

Schneider Electric A9D11832 Acti 9 32A 30mA “C” Type iC60H RCBO

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Schneider Electric A9D11832

A9D11832 – Acti 9 32A 30mA “C” Type iC60H RCBO

Key Features

The single-phase iC60H RCBO’s self-contained residual current device carries out complete protection of final circuits:

  • Protection against short-circuits and cable overloads
  • Protection of persons against electric shock by direct contact (10, 30 mA sensitivities),
  • Protection of persons against electric shock by indirect contact (100 mA sensitivity),
  • Protection of equipment against fires set by leakage currents (100 mA sensitivity)
  • The neutral is not interrupted when the device is tripped. Hence iC60H RCBO can be used on most circuits, except for the ones operating under TT or IT earthing systems.

The Range

Acti 9 helps you meet developing energy efficiency and environmental certifications or requirements, now and in the future. It minimises impact from the design stage, through the installation’s lifetime of use and eventual recycling. Through both design and technology, Acti 9 provides you with the key combination of less impact and more efficiency that is necessary for the environment today.
Acti 9 is your safe, efficient and simple choice for low-voltage modular systems.

Designed for safety, even in the most demanding environments
Safety matters most and Acti 9 Isobar gives you, your customers and their installations the highest level of protection available. It guarantees 100 per cent safe operation and maintenance for you and your customers. Its international certifications and numerous protection innovations allow Acti 9 to exceed even the most demanding requirements to give you total safety during maintenance, for the lifetime of your installation.

Comprehensive certification
Delivers complete industry-approved protection
Acti 9 is fully tested, approved and certified by national and international third parties. It guarantees that your installation is safe and compliant with all relevant safety standards and demonstrates to your customers that you use industry-approved materials and best practices.

The right solution for every application
Acti 9 simplifies final distribution operations in buildings and industrial facilities, giving you the right solution with the right technical characteristics for every application. As new installation standards emerge or building requirements are modified, Acti 9 can easily scale to meet your needs. It’s a flexible, open system with all-in-one, integrated components which can communicate with any building management system.

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