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Eaton Memshield 3 EBMSL14102MPMB 14+10 Split Metered TPN, Type B DB Modbus + Pulsed Output, kWh - EBMSL14102MPMB

Eaton Memshield 3 EBMSL14102MPMB 14+10 Split Metered TPN, Type B DB Modbus + Pulsed Output, kWh

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Eaton Memshield 3 EBMSL14102MPMB Split metered power and lighting board – 200A TPN, type B

EBMSL14102MPMB Split metered TPN, type B distribution board 200A 14+10 TP Ways Modbus + pulsed output, kWh

Range Information

Eaton’s Memshield 3 MCB distribution boards have evolved through an intimate knowledge and feedback from electrical contractors, consulting engineers and end users to provide solutions to a wide range of electrical distribution applications in commercial buildings. Memshield 3 delivers safe, reliable and high performance protection of electrical power distribution systems in accordance with BS EN 61439.

  • Welded case end design board with removable gland plates provides super stiff construction, even with gland plates removed. Construction virtually eliminates distortion during installation, ensuring final assembly fit and alignment.
  • Unique cable trunking interface kit simplifies mounting of cable trunking and protects cables.
  • Improved Neutral cable clamp design for simple & secure cable connection.
  • Unique full form blanking modules for unused MCB ways, provides secure shrouding of unused busbar stabs for increased safety. Blanking modules have interlinking form for improved positional security.
  • Removable busbar assembly to assist installation.
  • Additional Functional Earthing options and Clean Earth options available.
  • Auto-formed, curved construction of main cover adds to board rigidity, with improved appearance.
  • Removable door aids installation and easy hang hinge design makes re-attachment of door simple.
  • New 125A Switch Disconnector Incomer for general commercial building applications.
  • 250A options on 18 and 24 way boards.
  • Compact 250A options on 18 and 24 way boards, where used with cable trunking.

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